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Whether you're a business owner looking for seasonal workers with cultural twist or a student looking for international work experience to financially and personally grow, J1united has an opportunity for you. 


Bring new culture and perspective to your company. Hire English-speaking international students during peak seasons, save money and enjoy different community

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Work and Travel USA

Make money while traveling. Apply for a Work and Travel U.S. program or get the only job offer you are looking for in the U.S.

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Study and Travel USA

Live and Experience the U.S. by traveling, living with host family, volunteering, high school visit or study and your world outlook will not be the same

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Career Training USA

Immerse yourself in another culture while also making great strides in your career path. Add international experience to your resume, build your global network, improve your language skills, and take time to travel the country and make friends

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tax return

Get 100% of your overpaid taxes. Forget about complex US tax system, fill out our easy application form and hit the beach in Hawaii with your saved money

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Who We Are

We are in the business of uniting, enriching and empowering the global community one person at a time. 

J1united, established in 2014, is a representative agent company of designated sponsor organization. Our mission is to encourage young people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds to take advantage of the extraordinary benefits of international exchange. Through Work and Travel, Internship and Trainee Programs, Study and Travel, we offer participants the experience of sharing ideas and perspectives and opportunity to understand themselves and the world around them. We are united to develop international peace and understanding.

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