5 Reasons Why You Have to Work and Travel in the USA

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Guli Iskandarova 08/28/2019

Hanging out around at home throughout the summer can be little tedious, especially if you’re a dreamer.

The thought of hopping off a plane and exploring something new makes my soul hungry. One of the best ways to experience another country is through packing a suitcase and going to work abroad. My ideal destination for a summer of adventure: America.

From a few weeks to a handful of months, exploring any of the unique 50 states will give you memories to last a lifetime. If you decide to work and travel in the USA next summer it could (will!) change your life and I’m going to tell you why!

1. You will get to see more states than just the one you work in

Exploring a country becomes a lot easier if you’re already in it. Especially if there’s 50 states to choose from.

From learning the local ways of life to packing a light backpack and heading out into a different area, you can see it all. Using different modes of transport, trekking on foot, and learning to keep your eyes wide open will become second nature to you. Always remember that countries have more to them than the capital!

Traveling around America can be particularly cheap if you compare airline prices too. Once you’re in the US, you may as well make the most of being there. Domestic flights are extremely common, hence why you’ll get cheaper flights between cities.

Depending on your journey, where you’re looking at going and your budget, it could be worth checking out Greyhound. This national bus service is super cheap and is a great way to get between major transport hubs. You can hop from one place to another, checking them all out and having all the driving done for you!

2. You will have some of the most unique life experiences

As a traveler, you should get used to looking further than just the obvious. Delve into parts of cities and rural areas that are different than the main tourist attractions. Soak up stories from locals, or those who are keen to tell you about the hidden gems of their hometown. Whether you're hiking the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming with a guide or walking amongst the 8.6 million people in the streets of New York, everyone is capable of impacting your journey. New York is a prime place for absorbing the stories of locals, as reflected in the humbling tales shared on Humans of New York.

As long as you’re safe, let yourcuriosity take over and venture out of your comfort zone.