Our student, Sarvar shares his American experience

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Sarvar M 08/20/2019

Our student Sarvar shares his American experience that he has not experienced once, but even twice: in the summer of 2018, as well as this summer, 2019. Here's what he says about participating in the program and how his experiences can be useful if you decide to take part in SWT this summer!

The Work & Travel USA program was more than a chance for me, it was the experience that made me change my vision about the future. I chose to go with this program twice. Why? It is simple. Because I like it, because it is something unique, because through this program I have come to live extraordinary things.

In the USA, I achieved a lot of things: I met new people, I made friends, I traveled, I had the opportunity to see famous cities (New York, Washington DC, California, Las Vega and many more...). I worked and I saw how it is to meet expectations of some of very demanding people but I also made money, which gave me the opportunity to have as much fun as possible, I got to know the American culture related to sports, holidays (4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween), traditional food, picnics, beach, parties, volunteering but also how important the community is to them.

I also had the opportunity to share information about my own culture and about Uzbekistan. Surprisingly, many Americans did not know about my country, but were happy to learn more about it. The first time in the States was "wow"!

I ate the famous pancakes, crabs, I saw huge malls and sights that I only knew from movies. That's why I thought the second time might not be as interesting ... but I was wrong. Yes, it was different, but this time I had the opportunity to do things I didn't get to do first.

The fun was bigger, I was safer, I met more people and I tasted even more of American traditions. One of the hottest experiences was Howl-o-Scream, an event at the famous Busch Gardens amusement park where I really saw what Halloween meant to them: vampires, zombies, haunted houses, roller coaster and more. which increased my adrenaline.

I'm looking forward to coming back and I'm sure that this time I will do some new things. America has a lot to offer, and you have to come back again and again to try and find out as much as possible.


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