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Guli Iskandarova 12/04/2019

Filing your J1 tax return

All individuals who have earned income in the U.S. are required to file a tax return for the year during which they worked. Your tax return should show your earnings for the previous year, the taxes you paid and the total amount of taxes owed or refunded.

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Guli Iskandarova 10/09/2019

Why should you intern abroad?

When it comes to securing that all important graduate job, it’s no longer enough just to have a good degree. Relevant work experience via an internship is now just as important as exam results to your future career. Interning abroad is a chance to develop global and professional skill sets, get academic credit, and live in a new country.

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Guli Iskandarova 09/30/2019

How to crush interviews with W&T Agencies and Sponsors

Congratulations! You have cleared the first selection hurdle and secured an interview with an Agency/a Sponsor. Now you need to wow them with your presence as you handle interview questions and answers for working abroad. Answering international job interview questions is your chance to show that you have the right capabilities, attitude, and motivation to be a participant in Work and Travel Program.

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Yakhyo S. 09/18/2019

Our student, Yakhyo shares his experience from SWT 2018

Sometimes, in life, you have some moments and opportunities which you have to take towards your future. Summer Work and Travel program is one of them. With the help of this program, I gained huge experience that is useful to create my prosperous career in the future. From taking a moment, I want to thank my Sponsor and J1united for giving this opportunity. 

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Sayyodbek R. 09/09/2019

Our student, Sayyodbek shares his experiences

Work and travel is the first step of your prosperous career. I was a participant during the 2018 and 2019 season. Overall, the experience you get is extremely vital because you learn how to get along with people, be & think independent, experience new culture, make friends and many more.

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Guli Iskandarova 08/28/2019

5 Reasons Why You Have to Work and Travel in the USA

The thought of hopping off a plane and exploring something new makes my soul hungry. One of the best ways to experience another country is through packing a suitcase and going to work abroad. My ideal destination for a summer of adventure: America. From a few weeks to a handful of months, exploring any of the unique 50 states will give you memories to last a lifetime. If you decide to work and travel in the USA next summer it could (will!) change your life and I’m going to tell you why!

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