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Guli Iskandarova 08/25/2019

Guidelines to wrap-up your Summer Work and Travel program

You’ve explored a new country, adapted to unfamiliar situations, developed a variety of skills, and now your exchange program is coming to an end. Preparing to return to your home country doesn’t take as much time as preparing to come to the U.S., but there are some key things to check off your to-do list before you go.

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Sarvar M 08/20/2019

Our student, Sarvar shares his American experience

Our student Sarvar shares his American experience that he has not experienced once, but even twice: in the summer of 2018, as well as this summer, 2019. Here's what he says about participating in the program and how his experiences can be useful if you decide to take part in SWT this summer!

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Guli Iskandarova 08/05/2019

Cultural exchange day celebration

Monday, August 5, 2019 marks Exchange Day, a nationwide celebration of the power of international exchanges! International exchange participants are joining their American hosts to "eat, play, and give"— sharing cultural diversity and American customs, to give back to their communities, and to have some fun.

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